Class 12th English Chapter 1 Objective Subjective:
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Class 12th English Chapter 1 Objective Subjective: 12th English Indian Civilization And Culture Objective Subjective

Class 12th English Chapter 1 Objective Subjective: 12th English Indian Civilization And Culture Objective Subjective Vkc Result

Class 12th English Chapter 1 Objective Subjective:

1. Simple living and high thinking is the base of ….
(A) Iranian Civilization            (B) Indian Civilization
(C) American Civilization       (D) European Civilization

2. Pharaohs were rulers of ancient
(A) Egypt                   (B) Russia
(C) India                     (D) Greece

3. ….were rulers of Egypt.
(A) Czars              (B) Pharaohs
(C) Kings              (D) Sultan

4. Gibbon is associated with….
(A) Italy                    (B) Greece
(C) Germany            (D) France

5 ….. Civilization is the state of development of a
(A) People           (B) Animal
(C) Bird                (D) Non-living thing

6. Indian glory is that it is

(A) movable           (B) Immovable
(C) Ignorant           (D) Uncivilized

7. Is known as the Father of the Nation or Bapu….

(A) Mahatma Gandhi          (B) Jawahar Lal Nehru
(C) Sardar Patel                  (D) Lal Bahadur Shashtri

8. …… was a spiritual leader than a politician.

(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru         (B) Sardar Patel
(C) S. C. Bose                     (D) Mahatma Gandhi

9. ‘My Experiments with Truth’ was written by…

(A) Maulane Abul Kalam Azad       (B) J.L. Nehru
(C) Sardar Patel                             (D) Mahatma Gandhi

10. The people of Europe learn their lessons from the
writing of the man of …..
(A) Britain            (B) Germany
(C) Spain            (D) Greece or Rome

11. The mind is a Restless ….
(A) Dog                 (B) Bird
(C) Monkey          (D) Cow

12. I am no hater of the the more it gets the
more it wants. (Mahatma Gandhi for I)

(A) East            (B) North
(C) South         (D) West

13. The world famous Attic civilization is in….

(A) Greece            (B) Italy
(C) Spain              (D) Portugal

14. “Plain living and high thinking” is the motto of a….

(A) Eastern philosopher       (B) Western philosopher
(C) North philosopher          (D) Britain

15. The values of … are glittering even today.

(A) Indian civilization            (B) Roman civilization
(C) Greek civilization              (D) Chinese civilization

16. Sacrifice is the sole aim of our ..

(A) Farmers             (B) Philosophers
(C) Scientists          (D) Rishis

17. …. is dead against blind imitation of
western civilization.
(A) Gandhi Jee          (B) Nehru
(C) Pate                    (D) Ambedkar

18… viewed large cities as snares and
useless encum brances.
(A) Romans                 (B) Italians
(C) Germans               (D) Our ancestors

19. …..Were satisfied with small villages.

(A) Romans           (B) Our ancestors
(C) Italians            (D) Germans

20. …… led nomadic life.

(A) Man          (B) Dog
(C) Bird           (D) Lion

21. Gandhi ji went to Champaran in ….

(A) 1917             (B) 1916
(C) 1975             (D) 1617

22. The people of Europe are inspired by …… and
Roman writers.
(A) Greek           (B) British
(C) Indian           (D) German

23. Wealth and luxuries do not make a … happy.

(A) Dog            (B) Cow
(C) Man           (D) Bird

24. Indian Civilization And Culture Written by ….

(A) Mahatma Gandhi         (B) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(C) H E Bates                     (D) None of These

25. Mahatma Gandhi Is Written by ….

(A) Snake                       (B) Indian Civilization And Culture
(C) Fire – Hymn             (D) None of these

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